Game Artwork

More artwork coming soon!

TCW Promo Video #1

The Experiment Begins...

TCW Promo Video #2

The Plan Starts Coming Together...

TCW Promo Video #3

Vinny Starts Assembling His Roster To Take Over Your Tabletop Gameplay Experience....

TCW Promo Video #4:

Vinny's Candid Thoughts On His Plan...

TCW Wrestler Creation Demo

Watch along as we take you through the basic process of creating wrestlers in Total Control Wrestling! Dice rolling, charts, and creativity are at the heart of the system! Now, you can take TOTAL CONTROL of your wrestling and gaming!

TCW Gameplay Demo

Check out the TCW game system as we introduce the basic gameplay and simple mechanics it uses! Watch along as we create a wrestling "TV" show using the wrestlers from the TCW Roster Booklet!